Never Go Near a Skunk or Raccoon

As a child you probably remember your parents telling you to run away when you saw a Raccoon during the daylight hours or a Skunk approaching because of the awful smell they give out upon spraying.  Well they were right!  I was amazed at a story IBig Bear Wildlife Control, LLC 203-500-5566 read regarding a lonely man in Columbus, Ohio who was feeding Skunks and Raccoons in his neighborhood.  He would seek out wildlife and wild animals to take care of them.  This may seem generous, but is a HUGE mistake for any homeowner.

Feeding wild animals such as skunks, raccoons, possums, opossums, feral cats, or even a cute squirrel may seem harmless, but your Southern Connecticut Shoreline neighbors won’t think so when they call Big Bear Wildlife Control to get rid of them.  These animals don’t have feelings, they only come back for the food.  If you keep feeding them or leaving your trash cans open at night they will never leave, and rightfully so.  If I was wondering around hungry and some stranger wanted to feed me with no effort of my own, I would take it and come back nightly too!

Wildlife Animals are Nuisance Animals to most people.  Please think about this before you attempt to domesticate them…  God created these wild animals to be just that, WILD.  See a Skunk?  Never approach it.  Simply go back in the house and call Big Bear Wildlife Control immediately at 203-500-5566 and we will set-up a humane approach with trapping techniques used for the last 40 years by the Owner of Big Bear Wildlife Control.  Have an ongoing nuisance animal issue?  No problem, BBWL can come out to your home regularly to ensure those critters stay away!

An important tip is never attempt to trap a mother skunk and keep her from her babies, rather wait until BBWL comes out to assist you.  BBWL has found that if we to catch them all together and then trap the process is much less stressful on the animals.  This is not only for Skunk babies but any nuisance wildlife young that are still new to this world.  Separating the Skunks (or any animal) from mom will only make them nervous and mom aggressive.  Skunks will not only spray, but most certainly will bite you too.

Big Bear Wildlife Control has only the Top Certified, Licensed Trappers who are humane in their practices and only rid wild animals in a lawful manner.  No animals are mistreated and those that can be relocated are put back into the wild at a location better accustom for their true nature.

Big Bear Wildlife Control is offering Electric Fence Installations at a competitive rate for all Southern Connecticut residents.  Homeowners in towns such as Clinton, Guilford, Hamden, Madison, Milford, or North Branford with properties in wooded areas may find an Electric Fence the most practical preventative measure. 

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Standard Electric Fencing

Standard Electric Fencing

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